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A-9210 Pörtschach
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Lake Wörthersee

There is a reason why Lake Wörthersee is a popular tourist destination for both sportspersons and people who just want to relax and enjoy themselves, whether in the water, on the water or near the water. You will see and experience things that will take your breath away. A bike tour or hike around the lake is an ideal way to explore the area and marvel at the scenery.



Hiking in Carinthia

Hiking und walking near Lake Wörthersee! Explore on foot Carinthia's beautiful countryside either on the flat stretch in the direction of Pörtschach or Klagenfurt, in the hills north of the lake or on the Lake Wörthersee loop trail.

Set out straight from our house on your hike. And marvel at the spectacular scenery with the turquoise water of the lake and the Karavanke Mountains in the distance



Tennis has a tradtion in Pörtschach and there are a number of courts to choose from if your want to play tennis.


The town is regularly the sight of exciting tournaments  such as the seniors' tournament with international participants that is held yearly in Pörtschach.


Golf is gentle fitness and fun for both young and old. And even more, you are out in the fresh air and you have a panoramic view of the area!


There are three idyllic golf courses not far from our house: Golf course Moosburg – Pörtschach, Golf course Klagenfurt – Seltenheim, Golf course Velden – Köstenberg-


And in Pörtschach, Krumpendorf and Klagenfurt you can play minigolf!

Petri Heil - Petri Dank

Wer nicht schon längst die Leidenschaft fürs Fischen für sich entdeckt hat, hat am Wörthersee und im 4-Seental Keutschach ein Leichtes, seine Chance zu nutzen und die Angel auszuwerfen.

Jeder Fischer braucht eine Fischereilizenz und eine behördliche Fischerkarte („Steuerkarte")! Fischergastkarten, die 1 Woche gültig sind, erhalten unsere Gäste bei den jeweiligen Ausgabestellen.


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